Work Projects
RMEF Mission Accomplishment                                                   Colorado Mission Accomplishment
Acres conserved/enhanced:   7.1 million acres                                        437,923 acres
Conservation projects:             10,469 projects                                          703 projects
Public access opened:                1.1 million acres                                         108,179 acres
Hunting heritage/conservation
education projects:                      4,045 projects                                              108 projects

2017 Fence Removal

  1. Title 19
  2. Title 20
  3. Title 22
  4. Title 23
  5. Title 24
  6. Title 25
  7. Title 27
  8. Title 29
  9. Title 30
  10. Title 31
  11. Title 33
  12. Title 34
  13. Title 36
  14. Title 41
  15. Title 42
  16. Title 43
  17. Title 44
  18. Title 46
  19. Title 48
  20. Title 54
  21. Title 56
  22. Title 57

Current Hunters

12 year old Zachary with his first elk with a hunt on the Bord Gulch Ranch won at last years RMEF Mile High Chapter banquet!  I am still amazed at how everything came together.  From spotting the herd far in the distance after glassing all morning; to patiently waiting to see what they’d do; getting after them in the truck and on foot and hiking up the ravine; spotting just the head of an elk popping up over the horizon; sneaking in on them; setting up Zach’s shooting sticks on a steep incline as I’m seeing them start to head over the hill; cow calling and freezing them before the rest of the herd disappeared; seeing only partial bodies of the few remaining elk as they had already started to head back over the hill; hearing Zach talk to himself (“breath, one, two, three”) as he put the reticle on the elk exactly where he and I spoke about and practiced many times if it was facing straight on vs. broadside, vs. turning away; to hearing that BOOM! and seeing the elk “shiver”; searching for a blood trail for quite awhile and not seeing any sign (and starting to wonder how I was going to have to break it to him that it looked like he may have missed); yelling out “here’s some blood!” although it was only a few specks and a miracle that we spotted it; following the blood trail till it seemed to peter out as there really wasn’t much blood to be trailing with I’m thinking maybe Zach just wounded it a bit and it bounded off with the rest of the herd; to thinking to myself, “maybe I should just look around through my binoculars in case I can see something in the sage that looks out of place”; shouting “ELK ON THE GROUND!!!”

What an experience Zach and I will remember and cherish forever and I am so very thankful to the RMEF for being part of it.  I thank our Lord for a successful hunt and He definitely heard our prayers.  What a blessing.